Thursday 21 September 2023

Stray Pet Catcher Train

The stray pet collection train has arrived to round up the waifs and strays. But Bob Geeza Cat isn’t going to give former slimy estate agents Ben & Jerry - now turned pet-catchers an easy time. 

They’ve spent the last 45 mins or so trying the close the sliding cover, but every time they almost succeed our Bob jumps off. They’ll probably have to give up shortly, otherwise the train will lose its path on the mainline. Hurrah for Bob! You’re such a geeza of a cat!

And if you’re wondering who is in the right hand wagon, that will be Nasal Nigel who was mistaken for a monkey that is believed to have escaped from the local zoo. Nigel was naked in the bushes playing with his new yellow Network Rail liveried class 37 loco which was mistaken for a banana. So at least some good has come out of this. 


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