Monday 11 September 2023

Stolen Goods

Monochrome Monday again, and because the pre-payment colour meter isn’t topped up until Tuesday morning, today as with most Mondays will be black and white. 

The unpopular Barry Bullhead from The Ministry of Misery has his grubby little fingers in many pies in addition to his current day job of instigating misery for those less fortunate in the land of the inch high. 

Today at his sideline ‘cottage craft distillery’ we see him overseeing the arrival of wooden sherry casks which will be used for ageing the latest batch of illicit spirit made from carrots, turnips and potatoes. The cattle wagon provides an excellent camouflage for the casks within which were stolen from a warehouse at Sharpness Docks over the weekend. You can’t hear it, but Barry’s submissive snivelling little tick Neil has travelled with the casks making the sounds of mooing cows to help the illusion. 

And finally, for I know there is much speculation about the contents of the large elevated tank - yes it is used for storage of illicit spirit. 


You can top up the meter here to ensure that tomorrow’s post will be in colour …

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