Friday 29 September 2023

Front End Friday

It’s front end Friday again, aka #FEF for hashtag fanatics and collectors. 

Here we are at Catcott, and it looks like Bob Geeza Cat is about to leap onto locomotive footplates again after his successful attempt a month or two ago. 

Bob has many fans, here in the land of the inch high and that fangled internet thingamajig, so a good turnout is ensured especially from the pointers and wavers. Though I’d expect to see smarmy ladies’ man Terry Tuttle-Thomas-Smythe trying to run some betting scam, I’m sure he’s here out of frame - such a bounder and a cad. 

We’ve not seen our moonshiners with Sentinel steam lorry for a while, so here it is, its hot still no doubt in full flow brewing illicit liquor whilst on the move (or stationary in this case because of the crossing). 

Go Bob! But remember to get off at the next scheduled stop at Glastonbury, for last time you had a snooze in the warm cab and ended up in Poole goods yard and had to spend the night with Nasal Nigel in an old plate-layer’s hut with only his throbbing TT gauge ‘Flying Scotsman’ for warmth. 


Thank you those who help to keep the miniature nonsense flowing

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