Friday, 31 March 2023

Philosophical Friday

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It’s Friday again, gosh they come around quickly, and as one rapidly heads towards later life the whole week feels like 3 days did when I was 21. Much this is no doubt due to routine and familiarity of course. That’s why those idle 2 week holidays in the sun feel like only 2 days, with most of them being identical apart from possibly the level of hangover and inevitable variations of mild food poisoning. 

A short while ago Bertie hound was thrown outside for his morning ablutions, with the weather and light level not dissimilar to this photo here. With the back door wide open, Bertie looked up at me like most Border Terriers do with that ‘you must be joking’ expression of ‘do really need to go out there, I have a very strong bladder you know’. But he knows that he won’t get breakfast until he’s completed this part of the daily routine, so obliges in anticipation. 

I wonder if animals experience the same apparent shortening of time as they get older? One advantage they have over us is that they don’t fear their ultimate demise, so I guess we should be more like Bertie and live more for the moment. But working for myself, I’m always thinking of my photography and model making business being aware some of my regular customers might go bust, or get a better deal elsewhere, so I’m always looking at the future possibly a little too much. But rather than dwelling on the negative, Bertie hound is now lying next to me snoring like a trooper, I’m so jealous of his ability to switch off just like that. Such a clever dog. 

And the photo, I almost forgot about that. Some of you might recognise it from a few months ago, but here it is again reworked with the glitter of Photoshop to make it look just like today here in the full sized Little England. 


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