Saturday 1 April 2023

I’m Building a TMD!

I’ve decided after much thought to break up Brew Street. Once the boards have been stripped right back I’m going to build a TMD aka Traction Maintenance Depot in Brew Street’s place to display my extensive collection of DCC sound fitted Class 37s and Class 66s. I’ll also use it to occasionally display my extensive Thomas the Tank Engine collection. 

To make it stand out from the many TMDs out there, I’m installing 10 hidden microphones within the various structures to amplify the sound fitted locos. When exhibiting, something my regular followers know I do most weekends, I’ll place one of my Marshall guitar amps under the layout to ensure that my TMD layout will be the loudest. By the way, the amp will go up to 11. When in Thomas the Tank engine mode, I’ve hired Nasal Nigel and his sticky friend Adenoidal Andrew to provide live voices for the talking engines. Fear not, they’ll have to bring their own vocal microphones. 

The photo here is the result of 5 seconds with a 1 inch wide woodworking chisel. I expect to have completed the stripping task by mid morning. Extensive use of Bachmann ready to plonk buildings and Knightwing kits will ensure the layout stands out from other TMD and Thomas the Tank Engine themed layouts. This will also ensure swift progress, for the layout is booked to make its debut next weekend at The Big Trainset Show at the NEC in Birmingham. 

And finally, I haven’t decided next weekend whether of run mid 2000s diesel era or Thomas the Tank. Maybe I could have different themes in either day? Please let me know what you’d like to see.


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