Sunday 19 March 2023

Foiled by the Cat 🐾

It’s Sunday morning, and as usual Clive has lost the key to the colliery shunting locomotive. This happens most Sundays, it being a ploy to get a little more weekend overtime. Clive usually hides the key in his back pocket and plays dumb, but today he really has lost the key. 

‘High Viz’ Henry is on hand helping with the search, the key being possibly dropped into the tall grass. To the right, George’s identical twin brother who’s also called George has climbed up on to the old derelict cottage to see if he can get a better view. This was a good move, for moments later, Bob Geeza Cat does a loud “meeeeoooowwwww” to alert Clive, Henry and George that the missing key is on the locomotive cab roof. Such a clever cat 🐾

But alas Clive isn’t so impressed, for now his overtime shift won’t need to overrun to complete today’s shunting manoeuvres.


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