Thursday 23 March 2023

Thunderbolt Thursday!

It’s Titfield Thunderbolt Thursday, the day of the week inspired by that much loved cult movie. And as we can see, the little people are playing with the camera again. 

Bob Geeza Cat has lined his head up perfectly with Deliberate Dave’s leg giving the impression of a superb circus inspired balancing act. Though of course Dave would never be so bold in real life, for it would take him at least 3 weeks deliberation weighing up the pros and cons before saying “no”. 

The locomotive has lined its chimney up with the brick chimney behind, and the crane has lined itself up to look like it’s holding the chimney up. Such wonderful coordination I’m sure you’ll agree. By the way, the locomotive is being driven by Waving Willy, Waving Wayne’s cousin. 

And finally to the right, Rufus Hound looks like he’s rubbing his shiny doggy nose on the cold metal point lever. Though because he’s a dog, it’s most likely that it simply smells nasty, for Nasal Nigel touched it yesterday with the same hand that lives much of the time in his sticky pocket. Deidre looks suitably impressed as she leans back in awe, though to be honest she’ll have little idea of what we can see from this angle. 


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