Saturday 18 March 2023

Double Denim Dando

Saturday mornings down at the coal wharf tend to be busy, with today being no exception. 

To keep one step ahead of ‘the law’, this week moonshine production has been on a narrowboat, but I’m not sure the inland waterways of Little England can legally be regarded as ‘international waters’ though. But in the land of the inch high we don’t worry too much about such minor triviality. 

That’s ‘new kid’ Double Denim Dando in charge of the moonshine run today, and for those struggling to keep up, he’s a regular runner up at the West Country Cider Festival Dance Championships. Double Denim Dando (aka DDD) is rather like Waving Wayne in that he’s always performing a little shimmy, though of course Wayne is always waving, but hopefully you get what I mean. 

Right now DDD is having a little tap dance to celebrate the fermented liquor which is just coming to the boil, whilst Deidre is poised to get the cue to start putting the resulting ‘shine in to mason jars. What a team, for it’s rumoured that she’s taking tap dancing lessons. 

There have been problems with the wharf siding catch point for the last few days, it being jammed shut. So in response, the sturdy ‘men who work the track’, ‘plate layers’ or ‘gandy dancers’ as our US cousins call them have arrived to address the issue, but there there does appear to be some lack of discussion as to the best approach. 

Roger Wrench is waving his big spanner whilst ‘Pickaxe’ Eddie jumps in axe-first wielding his mighty  tool. Eddie uses his pickaxe for everything, including opening freshly boiled eggs at breakfast time. Luckily he doesn’t operate the gas cylinder used by the moonshiners. 

And finally Nasal Nigel can spotted there over to the right. Many of you enjoy knowing what’s in Nigel’s ‘special pocket’, well today it’s his much thumbed diecast TT gauge English Electric ‘Baby Deltic’ with its throbbing miniature T9-29 9-cylinder engine. He’s been running it in on his trainset all morning, so it’s nicely warmed up and ready for further silky smooth action. Pwarrrrr.


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