Thursday 8 December 2022


 Thursday morning is rather frosty, and now it’s starting to snow with the passing of the clear and crisp full moon lit night, the heavily laden clouds bringing potential joy to snowman creators and lazy types who want to skive off work. Sensible types will of course notice the almost complete lack of appropriate clothing. But in the land of the inch high, (they being mostly made of resin, metal or plastic) they are little more resilient and less susceptible to cold than some of the *6ft giants reading this load of old nonsense. *Other heights are of course acknowledged. 

As usual, Barry Bullhead from The Ministry of Misery, accompanied by his pet and snivelling little tick, Neil, is performing his morning inspection to ensure that everyone is unhappy. Dud should be topping up the water, but everything is frozen, so he’s warming up by leaning against the hot engine whilst he waits for the fire devil out of shot behind the engine to thaw the pipe from the water tower. 

To the left, former Prime Minister of The Line Your Own Pockets Party, Dizzy Lizzie, is on her way to a job interview, but since we last saw her she’s has had at least 8 or 9 jobs, so is unlikely to be taken seriously for the barmaid vacancy at The Kettle Inn. Though she is an expert at chewing wasps, a requirement for the role, and of course working at Westminster has given her plenty of suitable experience for tackling difficult drinkers this den of iniquity of a pub. 

And finally, retired boxer & wrestler Gaylord Grip and Comical Ned (with the funny shaped head) pop out of the warm warehouse to see what’s going on. It’s lovely and warm in there with the installation of 3 new stills which have been running overnight producing illicit hooch for the Christmas market. 


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