Monday 26 December 2022

Boxing Day Races

It’s Boxing Day in the land of the inch high, and as is the norm, there is the annual race pulling a train with a tractor. And because it’s like Christmas in the movies, snow is everywhere of course, with even the canal basin freezing over. 

One at a time, many of our regulars take their turn driving the shunting tractor to see who can cover 300 yards the fastest. And here we have Hubert the conversational Latin speaking horse at the wheel, taking the consist up to a whopping 7.3 miles per hour. The only difficulty was getting Hubert up on to the tractor, but luckily there’s an excellent crane, and as we can see Hubert is rather good at driving with his rear two hooves - such a clever horse. 

Over to the left, we can see Hubert’s brother, Herbert the conversational Mayan speaking horse, he’s also taken advantage of the crane to get a rather excellent elevated view of proceedings. 

In the foreground, Nasal Nigel with his back to us (in his trusty sticky green flasher-mac with special pocket) has been allowed out to time the races as part of his education in being socialised, he being somewhat challenged in this department. As a thank you, he’ll be allowed to keep the stopwatch after this morning’s antics are over - and anyway, it will almost certainly be a bio hazard after he’s handled it for any length of time. 

And finally to the right, former Prime Ministers from The Misery Party, Lizzie and Teresa have appeared to observe today’s antics, though probably only because they’ll all be heading to the pub after. They like a gin or two. 


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