Friday 16 December 2022

Another Front End Friday #FEF

Front End Friday #FEF, I’m not quite sure why and if it’s really a thing, but I gather it started in the Twittersphere by some of the more hashtag aware toy train nuts. I’m sure some of you will be able to advise, though to me, as a weekend muso a # is a sharp, not some social media tool to attract attention from needy posters of drivel like yours truly. 

Looking back to the late summer, and unless you’re one of my loyal readers or viewers from that there ‘down under’, you’ll like me be looking forward to those warmer longer days. So with that in mind, here’s a rare visit by Guildford shed’s Q1 No 33019 departing Combwich with the morning goods to Poole via Highbridge and Evercreech Junction. 

I’m not sure what the wagons will be carrying, but possibly apples and other harvest time produce, new wicker baskets made by the local peasants, maybe the highly sought after Combwich crab packed away with ice in that new fangled expanded polystyrene to keep it cool. 

Of course there will almost certainly be moonshine! It will no doubt be hidden in children’s toys and other more innocent looking objects of lesser desire like paint tins and milk bottles painted white inside to hide their content - though I image 170% proof liquor is likely to react with the paint. But in these rose tinted olden days prior to colour TV, it’s positively healthy to smoke and sprinkle sparkling asbestos all over your Christmas tree. 

And finally, may you have a #fabulous #friday #wherever #you #are in #toytrainland. 


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