Sunday 11 December 2022

Freezing Fog

A foggy snowy morning at Windmill Sidings. It looks like the crew of the engine have let the fire go out, so somebody will be in trouble. Though due to the weather, the crew who’ve been taking shelter in a nearby pub all night can easily blame the late arrival back to the junction on some rogue snow drift blocking the line. Telephone lines are down, so there was no way for them to contact Control. 

The ancient windmill has been disused for well over a hundred years, and certainly well before the railway appeared invading its space so rudely. The more able members of the local history society occasionally perform cosmetic maintenance to stop it completely disintegrating. There are rumours however, that will be be used for Guy Fawkes Night next year, for it really is quite rotten and will likely blow over in next year’s autumn storms anyway. 

Rumour has it, that Airfix based their much loved and inexpensive kit on the one here. 


A big thank you to those who support the almost daily nonsense

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