Sunday 18 December 2022

Fun Loving Rufus

Rufus Hound is a fun loving playful doggy, and once he’s off his lead, is brilliant at evading capture. Here is the bouncy little fella winding up Farmer George and Neil in the crossing keeper’s vegetable patch. Deidre Dinkle and Dizzy Lizzie look on in amusement, for they like to watch the antics of two sweaty men burn off a few calories in the summer heat. George hopes that Deidre will be impressed with his canine control, but he really needs to take charge of Rufus quickly, for she likes a man who can rather than a man who can’t. Lizzie just hopes that none of the lettuces get trodden on. 

The crew of the 2.35pm Highbridge to Evercreech Junction service delay their departure from Catcott Burtle Halt to avoid any potential accidents. I fear they could be some time though, for the antics here have been going on for at least 15 minutes. On the right next to the cottage, you can just about see Waving Wayne, he, as I’m sure you know by now has been waving since 1952, so hopefully the crew on the engine won’t get confused πŸš‚

And now the tech, for a know a few of you like that sort of thing even more than Deidre. iPhone 7 capture though Adobe Lightroom Mobile app shooting RAW/DNG. Then on my desktop, the output was focus stacked from a dozen or so images with Helicon Focus to creat a greater depth of field. The result is then dipped in Photoshop glitter. The rest is practice. A quick search on Google will go in to plenty of detail about the benefits of RAW capture and focus stacking. 


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