Saturday, 23 April 2011

Trio or Medley?

 Here we have a 'trio' (gosh, that's so very BBC Masterchef) of wagons posed on the brewery. Of course I could have used 'medley' instead but that sounds more like a microwave meal.

Ok, to the point,  I have a huge collection of second hand wagons that I'm slowly refurbishing. I acquired them about 10 years ago, but they probably date back to the 1970's and 1980's. Most of them I can identify, but these defy me, so I'm turning to you the as ever informed reader.

Armchair modellers will be ideally suited to reply to this post with all their experience of over-analysing and pontification (aka excuse for not doing any model making). I'm only pulling your legs of course (or foot stools in your case), some of my closest friends are armchair modellers.

Wagon 1 (click to enlarge): The sprung plastic suspension would suggest that it might be a Peco 'Wonderful Wagon'. The transfers look like they've been applied to matt paintwork. Tip; always gloss any areas that are going to have waterslide transfers applied (or should I say 'decal', the model makers' version of 'train station') and then apply matt varnish after. I quite like this wagon and if I was a proper modeller I'd replace the ladder with a brass one.

Wagon 2 (click to enlarge): This one is a plastic kit what what would appear to be an LMS 3 plank open (obviously). The beer casks are not part of the wagon.

Wagon (click to enlarge) 3. These delightful of white metal kit built ones defy identification. Do you know who produced them?

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  1. The kind folk on RM Web have kindly responded to a similar post I placed there yesterday, and here is a précis of the replies - not that you care in the BBQ weather;-)

    Wagon 1
    Confirmed a Peco Wonderful Wagon. There is no current RTR of such and Peco sadly no longer produce these useful wagons. Apart from the ladder, the whole wagon has an air of delicacy about it.

    Wagon 2
    A Parkside Dundas kit of LMS/BR fitted 'medfit'. With the XP rating it needs the addition of vacuum pipes.

    Wagon 3:
    Possibly ABS, ex-GWR Mites. The short 8ft wheel base being very distinctive.

    Thanks 'Missy', 'Fat Controller', 'billb', '45568' and 'halfwit'


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