Thursday 7 April 2011

Cooperage Services for Harrap, Farmer & Maddocks Devon Brewers

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With the weekend ahead, now's the time for a little 'Friday feeling' sillyness.....

Brewhouse Quay: Looking across the canal wharf sidings at the little ex-Midland Railway Johnson 1P 0-4-4 which has just opened up the regulator to blast over the wagon turntable.

In the brewery it was frowned at to run anything bigger than an 0-4-0 over these little turntables, so the unwritten rule was to open the regulator and quickly bounce over the offending item when the foreman popped in for a pint or two of mild and bitter ale. This he did regularly.

With the move over the metal casks at many breweries, many had by the late 1950's lost their traditional cooperages. However the brewery here still was able to perform cooperage services for other breweries, the red LNER van being being loaded up with a consignment of overhauled casks for Farmer, Harrap & Maddocks Brewery in nearby East Devon.

Again, Ivan Locksmith's ancient Austin can be seen parked in shot.

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