Sunday 3 April 2011

Simple Lighting

I'm always getting emails requesting information about how I light these work in progress shots.

For proper shoots I use studio lighting, but with record shots like the Brewhouse Quay shot in the right I tend to use what ever is around. The light source in this case being the 60 watt bulb domestic lighting hanging from the ceiling above in our dining room. The large folding silvered reflector resting on the chair bounces some extra light in to what would be dark dense shadows.

Another trick if your camera allows, is to shoot RAW (read your manual), it allow far greater control of white balance, brightness and contrast in the post production stage.

This shot was taken on an inexpensive Canon G9 (the latest incarnation being the G12). It's not what you use, it's how you use it that counts - so never worry if you don't have the latest camera (with apologies to the camera club kitaholic bores), but invest in learning about photography rather than flexing credit cards.

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