Sunday 17 April 2011

Busy Quayside

Brewhouse Quay: Bristol Barrow Road's 'Pug' 51202 propels a few casks along the brewery quay.

For the sceptics who think this malarkey is all cgi - the only addition is the fake smoke.


  1. Another excellent scene, extremely well modelled and fantastically photographed.

    How many hours went into the model scene in this picture? The little Pug engine looks so well done too. It's rare I like to see weathered engines as it usually looks like it was applied with a house brush, but you've really caught the essence of the weathering here.

    if only I had the time, patience and skill to do anything like this ...

  2. I reckon the smoke is real and you CGI'd the rest. Gives you more time for hanging around interweb forums moaning about the latest RTR being a tenth of a MM out.

    Putting my anorak with the MRJ in the pocket on, couldn't you get some Knightwing barrels ? Those Merit ones need metal bands and vertical lines between the staves. Mind you, I bet the loco driver would have tipped them off that wagon with the first shunt...

    I'd despute the working sail powered vessel and BR loco would appear at the same time too. REAL modellers build motor vessels for this sort of thing. Like a nice Clyde Puffer.

    Apart from that, 'sallright I suppose. :-))

  3. Looks really good...I gather from the water-lilies that is a canal or some other type of freshwater quayside as opposed to a salt-water locale...and I like the old-style vessel!


  4. this looks really good, 'have pinched it for my wallpaper, don't worry , I will give it back...maybe.

  5. A few sailing barges lasted through to the 1950's. This one as you can see has no canvas up becoming it's just been converted to diesel of course;-) Clyde Puffer my a&se.... LOL!


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