Wednesday 13 April 2011

Get a high backscene to cover those kebab stains

Brewhouse Quay: The stone on the Scenecraft Oak Hill Brewery buildings out of the box is very light and correct for such a building when new. But a 100 or so years on and the Bath stone will have darkened with algae and pollution; to address this, the stonework has been dry brushed with various Humbrol matt enamels and darker washes to help blend theme in with the areas of the scene. Since taking this snap (under hazy sunlight in the garden), I have repainted the slates on the hopstore to a darker, bluer shade and without the skid marks!

Forest in a Box' Sea Moss from Greenscene (though any make will do) has been sprayed and treated with various flocks for the trees. The trees were then sprayed again with some Ford Laurel Green to get rid of the playground colours. A dusting of the wife's hairspray further fixed everything in place once stuck down.

Hopefully this scene illustrates the importance of a high backdrop - essential if the layout is to photograph well without having to resort to 'Photoshopping' a sky in for publication. There is a bonus with this too especially if you take your layout to shows, that high backscene will be very useful on the Sunday to hide beer bellies and doner kebab stained railway monogrammed polo shirts from the the mark of overindulgence the night before whilst checking out the town's Good Beer Guide Pubs and fast food vans.

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  1. This layout is getting better and better, excellent work!

    I was wondering, how do you do the shunting at exhibitions? Is there a certain plan or just start to play?


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