Sunday 10 April 2011

A Right Old Carry On

Brewhouse  Quay: There is still much to do with the layout is still evolving, and  this is an example of spur of the moment model making.

The gate ‘to the  rest of the world’ seen here in its embryonic stage, is the result of  seeing just such a gate in the movie 'Carry On at Your Convenience'  and thinking out loud "that's just what I need". Being able to ‘pause’  live video on a Sky + box allowed me to make a quick sketch of the  various strengthening timbers. When I track down some rather nice PHD  Design spear fencing lurking in my bits box, I'll be incorporating some  of it popping out of the top of the stone wall either side of the gate,  as well as poaching a few spikes to protrude actually out of the gate. 

The spray painted backdrop through paper templates depicting a misty  summer day, can be seen to good effect here. The textured effect is the  result of photographing it under the hard overhead lighting from a  domestic bulb in the dining room. Once proper softer layout lighting is  in place it will look far smoother.


  1. Hey, that's a great backdrop idea!

  2. Sid wins all that money on the horses, and he goes out and buys a Morris Marina Coupé! Dur.

    "If everybody did their job in half the time, imagine the state the country would be in."

    It's one of my favourites, but "I'm All Right Jack" is better.


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