Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Austerity Progress

nevard_110427_j94-hunslet_IMG_9846_web, originally uploaded by nevardmedia.

Here we have the J94 Austerity mid-way through a super detail and repaint (See earlier post here.)
Originally all I was going to keep the lined maroon colour, but due to the amount of filling and filing I have abandoned that move. Currently the loco is in black, and I'm tempted to keep this 'colour' and paint the nameplate red. I don't really go for pretty twee colour schemes.

Alternative angle can be seen here http://www.flickr.com/photos/nevardmedia/5659394274/in/set-72157625418433737/

The slight gap running along the base of the saddle tank will sadly have to stay, filling it would make any future maintenance very tricky - separation being required to access the motor and worm. As usual, such things tend to look worse in photographs.

Work so far has been as follows...
  • Remove the silly moulded handrail loop midway along the base of the boiler.
  • Fill small cutaway below the above.
  • Replace the moulded smokebox door handles with brass.
  • Remove moulded lamp-irons and replace with brass.
  • File away and replace the cab entry grab rails and replace with brass.
  • File away mould lines on the chimney.
  • Remove moulded coal.
  • Repaint the whole loco in matt black.
Work still to do...
  • Replace the moulded pipework below the cab (this can be done at a later stage when I source something suitable - suggestions of a supplier greatfully received).
  • Add 3 link couplings.
  • Add slightly larger diameter buffers. 
  • Blacken wheels - this makes a huge improvement, short of actually replacing them.
  • Add etched bespoke name plate 'RADSTOCK' from Narrow Planet. See earlier post here.
  • Add coal load to bunker. 
  • Weather.
  • Add a crew.

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  1. Chris RT Models stated they were going to produce some brass injector pipes so it's worth giving them an email to find out if they are?



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