Wednesday 27 April 2011

Meadow Green & Bungalows

nevard_110427_J94_DSC_2034_web1280, originally uploaded by nevardmedia.

Well, I was all set to leave this loco black, then whilst going through one of my colour industrial steam books noticed that very few industrial locos were plain black. By chance in the garage I had this aerosol of Halfords Ford Meadow Green kicking about for scenic work, and after the hasty the application of some masking tape the loco was given a blast of this wishy-washy green colour. I really cannot believe that anyone would have chosen this colour for a new car in the showroom, but there again metallic beige has always been popular with the blue rinse brigade, accountants and people who live in bungalows, so who am I to judge?

Here is the result, after a little weathering and the application of a bespoke etched name plate from Narrow Planet. Why Radstock? Well, the primary reason for doing this loco is for Mendip Colliery and this former industrial town used to be the North Somerset centre of coal mining until the early 1970's.


  1. I think that green colour is great for this really appeals to my eye, Great job!!

  2. Brings a bit of colour to the scene. My best friend's dad had a beige Austin Allegro with chocolate brown vinyl roof which made you car sick just looking at it.


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