Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A Fresh Consignment of Casks

nevard_110421_brewhouseQ_IMG_9786_web, originally uploaded by nevardmedia.

Brewhouse Quay: A recent consignment of ales casks litters the end of the yard near the cooperage. Many of these have come from the Black Rat Brewery in Saltash near Plymouth for refurbishment courtesy of Mr Sullivan MD of the brewery. Note the two rather large Hogsheads next to the building on the the right.  

The follow this thread - take this LINK.


  1. Looks good as ever, Chris. Could you tell me where you got the casks. I have been looking for good ones for some time but without luck. These look good though.

  2. I find this whole layout inspiring !!!


  3. Are you sure those are beer ? I'm thinking Harburn Hobbies Whisky !

  4. Most of them are second hand of unknown origin. The not so good ones are Peco.

  5. Mr Phil who posted above suggested Harburn Hobbies might be worth looking at too.

  6. A belated thanks for this Chris.

    When purchasing the Harburn Hobby ones, beware of those that have only a single central band, as they are unprototypical according to a discussion on RMweb. The ones with two or more bands are fine though.


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