Thursday 21 April 2011

No Buffer stops

nevard_110422_brewhouseQ_IMG_9816_web, originally uploaded by nevardmedia.

Brewhouse Quay Update: Rather than end the sidings here with buffer stops, a gate suggesting the rest of the world and large sliding doors to another warehouse/workshop has made a more interesting 'end'. Hopefully the effect will suggest that this is only a tiny section of a much bigger brewery complex. The temporary lack of casks give the effect of a closed brewery - maybe Whitbreads have bought it out and shut the brewery here as part of the their infamous 'Tour of Destruction'?

This afternoon in the garden I got out the Grasmaster and some static grass to finish off the ground cover. The colour is a blend of various static grasses saved from previous static grass applications on other layouts. I always empty the hoover (or bag-less Dyson in the this case) and save the surplus fibres for re-use. Colour wise I can tell you that here is a blend of winter and autumn 4.5mm and 6mm grasses from Noch and Mini-Natur.  

This shot was taken in natural daylight in the garden shortly after the sun went over the horizon.

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