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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Getting there....

Brewhouse Quay: A overall view taken under natural daylight, but Photoshopped to hide my patio and unpainted timber. In due course the diorama/layout shell will be painted black, so the effect in a dark room shouldn't be too different. That is the only computer manipulation - the actual layout is 'as is'.

I am still undecided what to place on the extreme right, but it's likely to be another building. I was rather taken with the listed Bentley Model Railway Group clubroom the other day, its mix of stone and ramshackle timber being ideal for such a wharf scene.

The canal is about to be repainted shortly to a darker colour.....

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  1. Chris - this really is inspiring as a small layout. Not sure you need much on the far right. Perhaps a hopeful looking horse and cart, or some half abandoned load?

    Look brilliant though - mightily impressed!

    Neil Berrington

  2. Chris, the former Mortimore's coal yard office in Chippenham station yard (where BMRG now have their club rooms) is indeed a fascinating building. I have modelled it on my shunting layout Mortimore's Yard, and although the track plan and topography is nothing like Chippenham the building gets recognised at shows.

    I have also modelled several other Chippenham buildings around the fictional track plan, and each was an interesting exercise to take from reality to another (hopefully) believable location.

  3. Hi Westonmouth - the boys at the club mention that someone had made a model. The clubroom is very distinctive.
    Something is needed on the right to stop the eye from wandering off set. A backscene rising from ground level rarely works, especially at this angle.


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