Tuesday 14 November 2023

Tiddles the Fibreglass Cat

As I look out at the late autumn morning thinking that winter is just around the corner, a quick rummage through my back catalogue produces this summery one. 

Here we have the service from Bridgwater arriving at Combwich, the Bridgwater line being former GWR (it’s confusing, I’ll dig out a map one day) usually producing a train to reflect such. 

Bob Geeza Cat’s half brother, Fibreglass Tiddles surveys the scene from the comfort of the gangers’ trolley shed. He loves that spot, because the ageing felt roof is always nice and warm, even though he’s made from 60% fibreglass stuffed with crushed wood fibre insulation. 

Between you and me, I’m not sure he’s a real cat, but purely a decorative ornament to keep rodents at bay, because he’s not moved from this spot for getting on for 17 years now. And of course Bob being a cheeky cat loves nothing better than a good yarn, he being a bit of a Geeza cat. 


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