Sunday 12 November 2023

Half a Lifetime Ago

Fresh from the time machine, taken by me when I was a cherub. The level crossing at Dunbridge Railway Station on the Romsey to Salisbury line grabbed on the 25th of June 1984. Very much an everyday scene, with motor vehicles being as interesting as the railway. 

Apart from trees and of course train and cars, not too much has changed if Google Streetview is anything to go by. Those trees grow so quickly, but I suppose 40 years is actually quite a long time. But to me doesn’t feel so long ago, which is slightly worrying because I’ll have been pushing up daisies for quite some time 40 years from now, unless I have my head preserved in jar and powered by a battery as in one of those scenes in Futurama. 

I’m pleased to see that the pub still trades with sadly so many being lost in recent times. It even has a skittle alley, that’s definitely a rarity in this day and age. 

I’ve included a cropped in version of the main photo so the various numbers can be easily read, for I know that such gets a few of you all excited and will make your already squeaky voices go up an octave.


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