Monday 6 November 2023

Monochrome Monday

It’s a dull and damp November Monochrome Monday deep in The Forest. There has been some engineering further down the line, and a ballast train from the overrunning weekend engineering has arrived unusually hauled by a Class 20. It has arrived at the colliery to run around its train of ‘Dogfish’ ballast hopper wagons before returning the Lydney. For the number crunchers, it’s 20064 ‘River Sheaf’, and apparently a bit of a celebrity locomotive in spotterdom. 

The wagon on the left has been parked up here at the colliery all weekend, after suffering a fault with one of its brakes, however it’s now been fixed by Malcolm the Mallet using a mallet of course, for that is the only tool he owns. The wagon will be attached to this train and head for Lydney shortly. 

That’s Malcolm looking a little cold standing next to the offending wagon, but with his work done for today, he’ll be heading over to The Miners for a jug or three of finest whilst warming up next to the pub’s open fire. 

You can buy Malcolm a beer here

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