Tuesday 28 November 2023

Hot Tempers & Heatwaves

Back in the olden days, we’re led to believe it was always summery and because camera film was so slow, most only went out in good weather. Though as a kid, I remember that it was mostly overcast in the 1970s, apart from the summer of ’76. That year stands out, not because of the summer-long heatwave and water shortages, but because my stroppy uncle shouted at me for flushing the loo after only doing a number one. He was always stroppy though, even when it wasn’t a heatwave, so that incident was just another excuse for a shout.

Here we have the local bus held at the gates at Catcott as light engine, Templecombe’s 4631, recently allocated due to that there evil Western Region taking over much of the former S&DJR trundles through. 

This rather cruel closeup shows up the limits of the diecast model bus, the plastic moulded windows fitting rather crudely into the metal shell. But to be honest at normal viewing distance it looks pretty okay for a model which probably dates from 20 or 30 years ago. 


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