Wednesday 29 November 2023

Regular Wednesday

 A regular Wednesday at Combwich station. Featuring several of our regulars, that’s why today is ‘Regular Wednesday’, it also being a Wednesday. Clever eh? 

Barry Bullhead is striking a deal selling a crate moonshine with local pub landlord and hairdresser Shamus O‘Shampoo. Retired wrestler, boxer and altogether top bloke Driver Gaylord Grip poses in his ‘hello ladeeees’ position. Meanwhile Deliberation Dave is deliberating over the state of the locomotive screw coupling, wondering why it’s in such a state. Some grease might help he thinks, but what type? He ponders. 

Waving Wayne is doing what he does best, in fact the only thing he does, whilst Colin looks on from the comfort of the brakevan veranda. Rumour has it his wife kicked him out a couple of weeks ago, so he’s taken up residency in the van, for it’s spacious and warm with the excellent stove within. 

But finally, everyone’s favourite Bob Geeza cat is nowhere to be seen, fear not, he will be around and most likely posing in another photograph not too far away because that’s what he does best. Oh there he is in the next line…. 


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