Monday 27 November 2023

Not Monochrome Monday & Goldfish Ponds

In the land of the inch high at Moorewood Colliery, the management have been keen to introduce a little colour on Mondays to brighten up the dull autumn days. 

However Notebook Clive and Deliberation Dave aren’t to keen to the arrival of the colourful morning workers’ train. Knowing that locomotives with faces tend to be incredibly smug or devious, or even worse a creepy nefarious blend of the two with narcissistic ideas of being on children’s television. Meanwhile, Deliberation Dave simply thinks that the train won’t remain looking that clean for very long. 

Clive consults his notebook in the hope that he has instructions on how to remove the face from the engine. Having confirmed that it’s made from fibreglass, he’s come to the conclusion that it will make a good solid waterproof liner for his new goldfish pond if placed in the ground face down. 


 Every little helps …

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