Friday 17 November 2023

High-Vis & Traffic Cones.

A dull misty autumn morning at Fountain Colliery - it’s Front End Friday again!

Harry the Hammer has eagerly awaited the arrival of the empty coal wagons and unreliable locomotive for hours. And of course as usual it’s almost the end of his shift. It’s always near the end of his shift as regular readers will know, irrespective of the time of day of night, or any time in between. 

There will almost certainly be something he can whack with his hammer, if only to check for cracked wheels. If all the wheels are okay, he’ll simply whack harder. Sadly his parents never let him have a wooden toy toolkit as a child. He has issues. 

Meanwhile high-vis Harold watches the locomotive and train grind to a halt. Note his fetching orange jacket, of which he has many, one for each day in fact. He likes anything orange, including oranges, though he’s not too keen on fruit, but he does have one of those new fangled plastic traffic cones, in florescent orange of course. Rumour has he nicked it from the new M4 motorway they’re building near Chepstow. 


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