Friday 10 November 2023

Don’t Ask For a Tutorial

Not quite fully front end Friday. 

Digging through my archive this one popped up, sorry, I can’t create a new photo everyday, I do actually have a life, contrary to what many might think who’ve never met me. But, on TV we have repeats all the time - with certainly in the UK at least ‘The Titfield Thunderbolt’ and of course the entire back catalogue of 007 James Bond movies competing for the most repeated films ever on TV. 

This one passed in front of my lens around 10 years ago, and is the result of messing about with the various ‘motion blur’ tools within Photoshop, of which there are many. Of course if I had a long enough powered bit of track I could do something like this for real in-camera panning with a slow shutter speed, and probably several takes. But it is what it is. And anyway the photo plank used here is only the length of a yard of Peco flexi-track, which just so happens to be a yard long, or just under a metre, whatever that is. 

In Photoshop, use of ’normal’ motion blur was used for the overall image (but less in the middle), and ‘circular’ motion blur for the wheels. And of course a bit of patience working on the different areas. Don’t ask for a tutorial though, but I’m sure if you’re really interested you can find plenty of ‘how doos’ on that World Wide Web thing.


Thank you those who help keep these posts regular

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