Tuesday 21 November 2023

Ivan’s Bentley

A blustery November Tuesday down at the canal wharf sees average-photographer Ivan Locksmith and Barry Bullhead watch Bath shed’s LMS 2P rumble through. This is quite a rare occurrence, because 40564 is the only one still allocated to Bath, all the others having been turned into razor blade and Austin Healey Sprites. 

Ivan is a bit of a fan of celebrated above-average photographer Ivo Peters, and has just bought an almost identical Bentley to Ivo’s, but Ivan’s is not nearly as shiny. He preferring to grow stuff that he can smoke in his huge greenhouse rather than polish cars. And anyway, I imagine Ivo probably has ‘staff’ to do such menial chores. However Ivan did get Nasal Nigel to take this photo so he and his new car could feature. Don’t worry, Nigel was under strict instructions to only the press the shutter release and not touch the lens, bellows or any of the controls, including cocking the shutter - though Nigel was rather hoping he’d be allowed to do that bit

And finally, next to The Pedant & Armchair we can see love-hearts Deidre and George waiting for the pub to open. We’ve not seen so much of them recently, for they have been rather involved with each other out of the public eye. 


Ivan’s camera needs a professional deep clean after Nasal Nigel touched it, you can help here www.buymeacoffee.com/Nevardmedi3

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