Monday 26 June 2023

Wupert & Henwy, Fiddlestick-Chinstrap-Fugg

 Monochrome Monday

Upper class twits Wupert & Henwy, Fiddlestick-Chinstrap-Fugg have just arrived for their new senior management roles at the colliery. Working in the boarding school tuck shop and running around the perimeter of their school naked shooting ‘oik oik’ at the locals makes them more than qualified for their positions which are mostly about making life as tricky for the little people as possible. 

3 years from now after being sacked for indecent exposure in the engine winding house whilst messing about with a grease gun and a rather large spanner, they’ll be working for The Ministry of Misery further feathering their nests. What a couple of tools. 

The railcar is standing in for the more usual steam hauled service should anybody give a….. 


Help me to bribe my way to the top, I won’t be naked though

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