Sunday 18 June 2023

The Mendip Hills Light Railway

High up on The Mendip Hills Light Railway which runs from nowhere to the edge of nowhere, the little people are trialing their new 2ft 3 inch gauge tourist train imported from that there mainland Europe. 

But the locomotive has come to a grinding halt, despite a full head of invisible steam, so as usual many of our regulars are dishing out misguided advice and generally pontificating about the situation with comments like ‘foreign junk’, ‘should have bought British’ and ‘where does the key go?’

But there is a glimmer of hope, for standing on the engine is Dud with his famous notebook which contains more information than the whole of the World Wide Web, though of course in this pre internet time, it will be mostly about spiders and cobwebs - the latter being the only web, so that glimmer is immediately extinguished.  

However looks like Hubert the conversational Latin speaking shunting horse has just appeared on the horizon, and with his unparalleled hauling power, he might be able to drag the stricken train to the next station. Hurrah for Hubert! 


A huge thanks to those who help keep the nonsense flowing

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