Monday, 5 June 2023

Monochrome Monday

Monday morning at Combwich, and 53809 simmers in the siding next to The Star after a weekend ballasting job. The loco and crew should have returned to Evercreech to drop the ballast hoppers off and then on to Bath late yesterday afternoon, but apparently the engine suffered some ‘mechanical problems’. Though it’s more likely that they were invited to a Sunday night lock in at the pub. 

But for them, the downside now is that they now have to shunt Combwich goods yard in addition to taking the hoppers back to Evercreech Junction. After all, as far as control are concerned, they had a good 12 hour rest in the local railway lodging house. 

Beryl might be involved, that her refurbished Austin 7 next to the engine. The old lass tends to pop up when there is any kind of naughtiness going on.


A huge you those who support the nonsense

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