Wednesday 14 June 2023

Wide View Wednesday

It’s Wide View Wednesday, and as we look across this section of the Somerset Coal Field there is much going on…

In the immediate foreground we have part of the Somerset Coal Canal, it never did close btw, despite many books suggesting it did. Derek & Dave are having a conversation to discuss what they’re going to talk about in 5 mins time. Stavros on the engine suggests that it might be a good idea if one of them at least uncouples the train from the engine. 

The loco was a swap for a Barry Manilow CD in 1959, which is funny, because CDs had yet to be invented and our Barry wasn’t really known at the time. It’s believed that Roxey Mouldings based their ‘Famagusta’ Cyprus Govt Rly 2-6-2T kit on the one here, though that’s just a rumour. 

Arthritic Arthur has just arrived, and has spent the last 15 minutes trying to get off his bicycle, in the end Comical Ned with the funny shaped head and Hubert the conversational Latin speak horse helped. We all need a Ned and a Hubert from time to time. 

Beryl’s Austin 7 and Ivan’s Bentley are parked up, so something potentially nefarious is afoot. Ivan’s Bentley is not to be confused with that of the great Ivo Peters, for Ivan’s is never shiny and often has strange pot plants on the rear parcel shelf. Milky Malcolm has arrived in his van from the diary, though he’s more likely to be running moonshine than raspberry flavoured yoghurts, though there is probably room for both. 

And finally, Barry Bullhead from The Ministry of Misery and his submissive sidekick Timid Timmy are planning what changes can be made to save a few sovs whilst at the same time making his pals at the ministry more wealthy. 

Of course there is much more going on here, I’ll let you fill in the gaps, for sadly I’m near the limit of how many words will fit on the Instagram version of this page. 

How it was shot… 


A huge thanks to those who help keep the nonsense flowing

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