Thursday 22 June 2023

Grease Guns & Stopcocks

It’s another Thursday down by the canal. Doug, George & Barry are dealing bottles of illicit booze as Andrew & Barclay trundle past with a wagonload of lose unpasteurised air. Pete & Dud are waiting for Archibald to fix the water tank stopcock. Shortly Archibald will discover that the water tank has been repurposed as an undercover moonshine production plant. Running water and plenty of nearby coal to heat the mash and still within make it ideal. 

In the distance, outside the pickled winkle factory, Comical Ned (with the funny shaped head) tries to capture the attention of Beryl who has just arrived in her Austin 7. Ned has had a crush on Beryl for years, he likes the mature ladies. Beryl however is after an engine driver, or any man who knows how to use a big spanner and is a dab hand with a grease gun - despite a recent rebuild her car is unreliable and her own joints regularly need attention to loosen them up.


A huge thanks to those who help keep these posts regular

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