Friday 16 June 2023

Line Inspection

 Front End Friday #FEF

Once a week the little people do a visual inspection of the line. Derek and Deliberation Dave have taken up key positions on the veranda or whatever it’s called of the diesel loco, their combined 4 eyes being keener than those of a thermal soaring buzzard looking for mice and other vermin from 500 feet above. 

Clive, or possibly Pete (I get confused) stands on the platform with folded arms waiting for the 5 mph train to pass. He’s desperate to run in to The Pedant & Armchair on the left to relieve himself. Though if he was Nasal Nigel he’d probably just pop it out right where he is and shout “look at me, no hands” - but less said about Nigel the better. 

Doug, West Of England Gravedigger Championship winner 1956-57-58 just gazes on whilst casually leaning on his shovel. He’s in his own little dreamworld thinking of digging 6 foot deep rectangular holes. Maybe he could dig 12 holes and set them out like a sundial or suchlike, but quickly comes to the conclusion that such an exercise would be pretty pointless and wouldn’t go down too well with drinkers in the pub beer garden. Though some of the regulars are pretty ancient so potentially he could be onto something here. 


A huge thanks to those who help keep the nonsense flowing

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