Thursday 1 June 2023

WTF Thursday

 It’s #WTFthursday, formerly known as #titfieldthunderboltthursday

Today marks the inaugural run of a brand new service. It’s aimed at those who wish it was the year 1883, but want to enjoy 125 mph travel - though on the rails here 125mph might be a tad optimistic. 

Sandwiched between two HST power cars is a vintage 1883 carriage decked out in the finest of Victorian comfort with leather, silk, tweed and polyester - though we’ll keep quiet about the latter. It even has a built in smoke & methane generator to recreate the smells of olden times (and modern day Little England). There is also an advanced in-train sound system to replicate the noises associated with a throbbing hot steam locomotive running at speed over jointed track - though at Brew Street, the jointed track sound will be turned off, for there are already many joints (and broken rails). 

However, Deliberation Dave has just spotted the point switch blades are facing the wrong way. Immediately attention turns to Bob Geeza Cat who might have something to do with things. For Bob is a well known activist in the feline ‘Just Stop Soil’ pressure group, a campaign started by posh pedigree cats to stop their owners using garden soil as cat litter. They preferring scented clumping kitty litter. 

However today Bob is innocent, he is standing in for Member of Parliament Jacob Rees-Mogg to wave off the departure, for he is unavailable today. But Bob, of course being a moggy was able to stand in short notice, and we all know Bob loves taking the limelight. 


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