Friday 2 June 2023

Clive’s Notebook

Colin is going through his notebook trying to find something he wrote 9 months ago. He’s been paging backwards and forwards for the last 10 minutes. “I’m sure it’s in here, I only saw it the other day when looking for something else”. 

Deliberation Dave, who surprisingly predicts the future rather well, silently thinks to himself that one day we’ll have an electronic version of Clive’s notebook. It will also be able to take and store photos as well as make phone calls. Hopefully Clive won’t buy one of those, for we’d be here all day whilst he faffs about looking for something on it. 

Meanwhile Elvis over near the pithead is looking for a guitar plectrum he dropped last week. Whatever happens to all those guitar plectrums? I buy several packs a year, far more than ever get found in the washing machine or pub carpet. 


A huge thanks to those who support this nonsense, without you, these post wouldn’t happen

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