Saturday 21 October 2023

Upside Down Dimmock

It’s a dull, misty, damp October morning as the 9.01am Highbridge to Evercreech Junction service slows for Catcott. And it would appear that Driver Dimmock has again put on the incorrect lamp headcode for a passenger train, it should be the mirror of this. 

Headcodes on the former Somerset & Dorset Joint are a simple affair and like no other lines here in Little England. The one here being for ‘goods’ and the reverse being for ‘passenger’. It really is that simple. But Driver Dimmock has always struggled with left and right, he frequently jumps into the passenger seat of his Austin A30 then wonders where the steering wheel has gone and has to call his wife for help. 

He also gets confused with up and down, and regularly gets into bed the wrong way, only to discover Mavis’ slightly smelly feet up his left (or it it right?) nostril. And only the day before yesterday tried to pour a beer into his tankard which was upside down. Though he was on his 8th bottle, so that might be partially to blame. 


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