Monday 30 October 2023

Grab Those Multi-coloured Marker Pens Monday

Monochrome Monday

No, not because I’ve run out of colour tokens, but because black and white film was used for this photograph, which unlike that digital thing all the cool cats use these days, it only gives you the option of B&W, and of course all shades of grey between. Though if you do want colour, grab that set of multi-coloured marker pens you were given as a Christmas present back in 2014 and colour your computer, mobile or tablet screen in. Or print out instead and then colour in, which will probably be better if using a shared computer in the workplace. 

And today, Roger Sprocket & Deliberation Dave have been given the job of counting the number of wheels on passing trains. The wheels are only allowed to be counted once, so when there is much shunting, it can get rather confusing especially with 16 ton mineral wagons. It’s not helped today being B&W making the beaten up and rusty light grey and bauxite brown wagons look almost the same - unless you are Nasal Nigel of course.


Producing this level of drivel requires constant lubrication…

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