Friday 27 October 2023

Not Quite Full Moon Friday

It’s Not Quite Full Moon Friday. 

Here we are at Brew Street under a Hunter’s Moon. There is plenty of activity going on with the little people, but because it’s a long time-exposure they’ve blurred so much that you can’t seen them. 

Any Roger Sprockets here will no doubt point out that the moon here has just passed its peak, and has jentered the ‘waning gibbous’ stage. So technically I should have waited until Sunday to post this image, with tomorrow Saturday 28 October being true full moon. 

Personally though, I’d be more concerned about the lack of mooring ropes on the sailing barge to the left. But I’m trying not to let the lack of such spoil the photo, so in my world the vessel is arriving or departing, though with the long exposure it should be blurred with it being on the move as I’m sure Adenoidal Andrew will point out. 


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