Tuesday 24 October 2023

The Joy of Being a Cat Servant

I wasn’t really sure what to post today, but then this quick iPhone grab appeared on my timeline taken at the weekend before I was summoned by dearest to do something more productive like empty the cat litter tray which to be fair was pretty minging. The hazards of being owned by 15 year old ex-rescue cat who has lived much of her life in the Bangkok Hilton for cats. 

She’s in a far better place now being free to do whatever she wants, but as much as we’ve tried she won’t do her business outdoors. I tell a lie, she did once, but then the dog found it. Elixir for dogs is cat poo apparently. And most unpleasant when they bound in all happy from their tasty snack and then jump up and lick your face. 

Anyway, here is the canal basin on Polbrook Gurney Colliery, straight out of the iPhone, bar a quick in-phone edit of ‘auto’ which to be fair has done a reasonable job. Though it is to my eyes slightly green, but I’m going to worry too much having more important things to do like pay the car insurance and make a few sovs so I can buy more cat litter.


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  1. There is worse, my Working Cocker decided that cat poo would make a great late night snack, then changed his mind and vomited it up on the bedroom carpet. The horror....


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