Monday 23 October 2023

Gold Top Milk, Drivel, Dust & Incontinence

It’s Monday again, gosh they come around quickly as we get older. I presume it’s that routine thing, same-ol same-ol giving us little to reflect on and thus instantly forgotten. The trick is probably to keep shaking things up and make every day slightly different, even if it means buttering your toast in a different direction, or if vegan, sprinkling dust on your toast with the left hand rather than right. Beware that indoor dust is mostly dead skin particles, so you are in fact a cannibal. 

I’ve posted this photo before, it was the digital colour version. This one though was taken on actual b&w film, or ‘fillem’ of you’re still wearing nappies and don’t know what film is. But of course you might simply be old and wearing nappies again. I’m going down a worm-hole here, so best move on from this load of incontinence also known as drivel, which actually sounds like dribble. We also do that when very young and often when very old. 

Righto, enough dribble, the nonsense today is that it’s Bob Geeza Cat’s birthday, and everything has stop so he can be given a crate of fresh full fat milk, you know the type with the golden foil top and 2 inches of rich cream floating on top. But if you’re not old enough to know what ‘fillem’, is, you’ll likely never have experienced the delight of being the first to open that bottle of milk and pour the cream over your cornflakes. Or water if vegan. 

Tech, ‘cos I know a few of you like such. Nikon FE, 35/2 Nikkor, Ilford HP5 scanned from the neg and dusted with digital glitter. 


35mm film and processing fund

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