Sunday, 2 April 2023

The Railway Hotel

Sunday at Culmstock in Devon and rumour has it that the passenger service might be ending in the forthcoming year, so celebrity average posh photographer Ivan Locksmith is on hand to record the arrival of the mid morning Hemyock to Tiverton Junction service. That’s him accompanied by Rufus Hound. 

It’s also rumoured that The Railway Hotel will soon be renamed The Culm Valley Inn, I presume in anticipation of the railway likely losing its passenger service. For any keen researchers living in the present day reading this post, pop the location in to Google Street View, for the pub is still very much a thriving business, though sadly the railway has long gone. 

But going back to the rose-tinted olden times, Pete & Dud waiting on the platform are quite likely the only passengers today as they head for the start of their shift at Tiverton Junction, they’ve just had a swift one of two at the pub. They’ll probably stop by again at the end of their shift too. 

And finally, the van owned by Charlie Cheese is delivering milk, butter and cheese. And if you ask nicely, he’ll do you a drop of over-proof moonshine smuggled in over the border from the tax free Principality of Somerset. 

The same view today 


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