Friday 25 November 2022

Nothing to be seen….

Front End Friday….

Peter Pug is a cheeky little engine, and being light fingered (or light buffered in this case) likes to pinch wagons freshly loaded with bottled beer. He uses a chain rather like a cowboy snares cattle with a lasso. 

Today he’s made the mistake of trying to catch a freshly loaded wagon of bottled premium oyster stout from an awkward siding served by a wagon turntable. But due to the complexity of trying to do such a stunt on his own, has been apprehended by PCs Mulder & Scully who have been enjoying an overnight lock-in at the Brewhouse Tavern. 


Mulder & Scully love a bottle of two of premium oyster stout, so rather than arrest the naughty little engine, they’ll help to spin the turntable in exchange for a few bottles of the dark boozy bounty. “Nothing to be seen, please move on. Thank you”. 

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