Saturday, 12 November 2022

GWR Steam Railmotor

There is much excitement down at the docks this morning. Regular readers will know that the inch high people been after a passenger service on the light railway system for some time, with various types of generally unsuitable motive power and trains trialled. 

But finally, could this be the answer? A steam powered ’Railmotor’ which can be made to run on whatever is chucked in to the firebox - as long as it burns of course. There is always rubbish littering the dockyard which can be used, and of course moonshine to help the less combustible items to burn like banana skins and Barry Bullhead’s Y fronts. And there are rumours that it can even run on electricity if power is run through the track, but that’s a silly and dangerous idea. 

Regulars will know that moonshine is literally everywhere in the land of the inch high people, and of course these days far cheaper than petrol, diesel or oil! But there is of course coal, which to be honest is the best option as I’m sure the more nasal of you will point out with firm but shrill delight.

Thank you to the Kernow Model Rail Centre for allowing me to be custodian of their forthcoming new fangled ‘Railmotor’ for 24 hours. I’m dreading telling the little people that its appearance is only brief, and that they’ll have to continue their pursuit of a suitable train.

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