Tuesday, 8 November 2022


Third brother triplets (it’s complicated I know), Comical Ned (with the funny shaped head), former boxer Gaylord Grip, ‘oh my gawd’ Oliver assisted by Deidre Dinkle - flirty darling of the butter making department at the creamery and Rufus the Hound have formed a splinter moonshine collective. The old shelter and disused loading gauge hut being an ideal location for such an operation for a week or two. Though the occasional passing trains could be an issue, but their crews will easily be bribed I’m sure. 

Barry Bullhead, the corrupt official from The Ministry of Misery and moonshine moonlighter Deliberation Dave have heard about the new collective on ’their patch’ and have visited to ‘have a few words’. 

Barry and Dave might struggle here, because the third brother triplets are big chaps, Rufus the Hound has the ability to lick forever and Deidre has well known magic charms with any men she meets, even charmless types like Barry Bullhead. 

This story will continue I’m sure….

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